August 18, 2016


Got Drought? is a public art project and social media campaign aimed at raising people’s awareness about how much water it takes to produce meat and dairy as opposed to a plant-based diet. Los Angeles-based artists Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg teamed together to erect a series of billboards about the relationship between water, pollution and diet. This project started as a poster presentation at the American Water Works Association Conference in 2015. We started our campaign in California with 12 billboards in Los Angeles before traveling it to every major city in California: Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fresno and San Diego.In 2017, we put up a board in Phoenix, AZ and in 2018, 3 of our boards (converted to metric) went to Cape Town, South Africa. This project has created dialogue online and within our community through billboards, social media, promotional events, art exhibitions and published articles (American Vegan Magazine, Happy Cow, Eat Drink Better, Arizona Daily Sun, Fox News). In addition to billboards, we also have a fact-driven social media campaign with profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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